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Success Starts With The Essentials

by | Jan 14, 2022 | Business, Self-Help

Success Starts With The Essentials

by | Jan 14, 2022 | Business, Self-Help

It is my opinion that in today’s world, success is more attainable than ever. That’s not to assert that I am the authority on success, it’s only an observation. I don’t think many would disagree with me either. In modern society, people, resources, and information are more accessible than they have ever been before. For those that have the right mindset and approach, these resources can be leveraged to create previously unimaginable levels of success. To me however, it all starts with the essentials.

The Essentials

Anymore, I believe that if an individual is taking ownership of his or her life and introducing healthy elements of personal maintenance, it’s quite easy to stand out. I don’t have statistics or data to prove this but I’d bet that they’re out there. One thing that I’ve come to notice about the most successful people I observe is that they practice discipline and consistency when it comes to their positive habits. They don’t just work hard at their jobs, they work hard on themselves

These aren’t even difficult habits. I’m not talking about spending four hours a day on a treadmill or working sixty hour weeks. I’m talking about the little things. The essentials. There aren’t that many things you could do to start living a better life. It’s actually quite simple and not very invasive.

So what are these “essentials” I keep talking about? Well, they depend on the individual but they aren’t far fetched. Things like getting enough sleep, eating a generally healthy diet, reading books, meditating, drinking water, journaling, and taking vitamins will change your life. Regularly and consistently doing these things can take you very far. They aren’t that hard to do. In total, you might need to invest 90-180 minutes of your time every day towards the essentials. That’s not even an eighth of your day.

The Success Good Habits Can Bring

A few months ago, I wrote an article about how small investments in your personal development can produce exponential results over time. The message still rings true. If you put in the work every day, eventually it will start to add up. If you put away $5 every day, in a year that’s over $1,800. The concept applies to other forms of investment as well. If you spend an hour in the gym three times a week, that’s 156 hours spent in the gym over the course of a year. Imagine the gains you can attain from spending nearly four work weeks exercising your body!

You can make these investments and put in the work on any element of your life. Want a better job? Learn a skill. Want to be in better shape? Pick up those dumbbells. Want to speak another language? Practice for twenty minutes a day. The hardest part is simply staying consistent. If you can master the art of consistency (an art of which I am still only a novice myself) you can master anything!

It’s Never Been Easier

Western Society has become very interesting, to say the least. Without boring you (or angering some of you) with my social commentary, allow me to say this: it’s never been easier to obtain success. Never before has the opportunity to stand above the rest of population been so easy. Many people today are eating unhealthy foods, gluing themselves to TikTok, forgoing any sort of independent study, neglecting their bodies, and blaming their circumstances on external factors. If you are taking care of yourself, studying, building, reading, and growing, slowly but surely you can and will succeed.

This weekend, think of a few “essentials” that apply to you. Think about how you can take care of your mind, body, and spirit. Wake up on Monday and invest thirty minutes into yourself in the best way you can. Give it some time, stay consistent, and be patient. You’ll go places you never thought were possible.

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