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Don’t Be A Victim

by | Jan 7, 2022 | Philosophy, Self-Help

Don’t Be A Victim

by | Jan 7, 2022 | Philosophy, Self-Help

More than ever, it’s become very easy to feel like you have been wronged and are a victim. Don’t get me wrong, it is definitely possible for someone to be victimized beyond their control. I’m not denying that. Even so, in many cases today it seems all-to-common for people to quickly begin to feel sorry for themselves.

Mental Toughness

Before you call me cruel or conclude that I have no compassion, please try to understand. I’m not saying it’s always wrong for someone to accept that they have been hurt. I’m not saying that it’s wrong for someone to feel bad about unfortunate circumstances. What I am saying is that mental strength and fortitude are very powerful traits that can propel anyone out of even the darkest places.

I’m not the first to say something like this, but allow me to put it this way: You are not your circumstances.

You can choose to adopt a particular mindset. Life is hard and things will go badly at times. Even through all of that, I would opt to hang on as tightly as I could to whatever level of dignity I had. If you are unhappy about something, that’s okay. If you lay down and rot about it, that’s not. Don’t ever let an external circumstance ruin you, no matter how troubling it may be. Sometimes, you aren’t a victim until you start to believe you are. Once you tell yourself that, you’re right.

Life is Like a Hiking Trail

Imagine if Rosa Parks or George Washington decided to adopt a victim mentality. Rosa Parks really was an actual victim of her time, but did she accept that? No. George Washington took a stand against the most powerful military in the world. The road ahead was daunting and the journey was riddled with losses, but neither of them never gave up. You too can be just like that.

I know, this is much easier said than done. It’s not easy to be strong. It’s not easy to keep moving forward, but it’s the only way. Life is like a hiking trail. Sometimes, the trail is easy and the weather is mild. Other times, the terrain is treacherous and you find yourself lost in the rain. If you stumble along your journey, it’s okay to need some time to rest along the trail and recover. Sometimes that’s necessary. In time however, it’s best to try your hardest to pick yourself back up and keep pushing ahead.

If you trip and fall along the trail, you won’t get much farther ahead if you stay there and cry about your wounds. It takes time, but a skinned-knee always heals. Time heals all wounds. We’ve all faced some level of adversity in life. We’ve all had things that made us feel sad. Those that succeed are the ones that overcome these roadblocks and difficulties and continue to march on. That’s the only way. That’s it.

You’re Not A Victim!

I read a quote somewhere once that said something to the effect of this: it is okay to have feelings, and it is okay for your feelings to be hurt sometimes. It is never okay to allow yourself to be weak. I know it’s usually much more complex than this, but this message can still ring true in any difficulty you face in life.

Do not be weak and do not celebrate weakness. You are strong and you can overcome whatever life might throw at you. If you, the reader, are currently going through a hard time, remember that you are not your circumstances. Remember that you have the inner strength to keep moving forward. I believe in you and I hope that you believe in yourself too.

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