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How to Start Reading for Success

by | Oct 2, 2020 | Self-Help

How to Start Reading for Success

by | Oct 2, 2020 | Self-Help

It’s no secret anymore that the some of the world’s most successful people read. Billionaire Warren Buffet states that a large part of his success comes from the fact that he reads 500 pages per day. For most people, especially younger folks, it seems that reading doesn’t always come easily. Not necessarily because they can’t read, but because they don’t want to read. Let’s take a moment today to examine some strategies that you can apply to help you begin reading for success.

Start Small

You can’t expect to sit down one day and open up a 700 page book on the history of modern agriculture and immediately feel captivated. You have to start small. You can do this by doing two things. First, start off by reading some easier and more elementary material. In the beginning of your reading career, don’t a select long, dense, and academic book. Start with something shorter and lighter. Think about the books that you were supposed to read in high school, they might be good places to start. Aim for something around 250 pages that could be well understood at a high school reading level.

Once you’ve found a good book to begin with, you need to set a reading goal. I think that 30 days is a good time frame, but it’s up to you. Just remember to not put too much pressure on yourself and to start small. If you selected a 200 page book that you would like to complete in 30 days, then you can do some simple math (200 / 30) to find that you’ll only have to read about seven pages per day. Anyone can read seven pages per day.

Consistency is Key

Once you’ve selected a good book and an attainable reading goal, all you need to do is start reading. The first few days should go well because you’ll probably be enthusiastic about it. After the first week or so, you may find yourself not as interested. Don’t give up! Keep reading! Even if you only find the willpower to read two pages instead of seven, it will still be a step in the right direction. Stick with the plan and finish that book.

Once you finish that first book, you will feel a real sense of accomplishment. You set a plan, executed the plan, and deserve to feel proud about that! I assure you that if you can maintain consistency and finish that first book, you will feel so much more excited about the next book. After a while, you’ll also notice that reading will become a daily habit!

Reading More

After you complete the first book, choose a similar but perhaps longer book for the second. Repeat the process in similar fashion. Again, I think that 30 days is a good time frame for the first two or three books. As you progress through books, you will find that you will be more interested in reading, and you’ll also notice your reading skills improving. Over time, you will be able to read longer and more intellectual works.

Keep Track

Every time I read a book, I like to write it down in a notebook. Record the title, author, number of pages, copyright date, and date that you finished the book. After a few months, you will have a list of books that you’ve read to look back on and feel accomplished about. This will also motivate you to keep reading so you can grow that list.

There are many benefits of reading regularly. You’ll learn new things, strengthen your mind, and get a sense of enjoyment out of it. Once you start, you won’t want to stop. Go to your library or check out some eBooks to start reading for success today!

Below is a list of some great books for beginners:

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