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The Four Forms of Wealth

by | Aug 28, 2020 | Self-Help

The Four Forms of Wealth

by | Aug 28, 2020 | Self-Help

Everyone wants wealth. The typical idea people visualize when thinking about wealth involves a high-paying job, an expensive car, a big house, and a fancy wardrobe. Money is definitely an important aspect of wealth, but it is not the only one. There are different forms of wealth that are not simply dictated by a bank account, and it is crucial to manage them properly. They all require attention, discipline, and gratitude. These are physical, mental, social, and financial.

Physical Wealth

I specifically chose to discuss this type of wealth first, as it is the most important one of them all. Most of us are very lucky to be physically wealthy. Physical wealth consists of fitness, youth, health, wellness, and ability. Managing physical wealth is a determining factor in one’s longevity and quality of life.

It is important to practice good habits and take care of your body. Eat right, drink water, and get enough sleep and exercise. Stay away from bad habits such as junk food, smoking, excessive drinking, and drugs. These vices may make you feel happy in the short-term, but they can have costly effects in the grand scheme of things. It is only after years of living a sedentary life and engaging in bad habits to people realize that they may have caused their own problems.

If you are young, be thankful and maintain your health for as long as you live. Keep a healthy weight and be sure to consume a nourishing and sustaining diet. If you are physically able, recognize that as a blessing and have some gratitude. Unlike other forms of wealth, physical wealth is very difficult to regain, if at all.

Social Wealth

We need social interaction to learn, grow, love, and thrive. Social wealth is exactly this concept. Your social wealth is made of up your family, friends, and romantic relationships. The things you do with these people and the acceptance and support they offer you is vital for growth.

Social wealth starts with family. No family is perfect, but if you come from a decent family then be sure to consider that a luxury. Show love to the people in your family, as imperfect as they may be. There may be times in your life where you feel alone, but if you’re lucky your family will always be there.

Having good friends is also extremely important. The character of the people you spend your time with is not only an influence on your own integrity, but a reflection of it as well. Make sure that you find friends that have your best interest at heart, and nurture those relationships. Your friends may be there to pull you out of a rut or encourage you in your endeavors.

Finding a good partner to go through life with is no easy task. It seems that many people today simply settle for the first person that offers attention. When looking for a partner, understand your own self-worth. At the same time, realize that if you are unable to find the type of person that you are looking for, perhaps then you need to improve upon yourself. The right partner will be in-touch with your journey through life and support your dreams. Settling down with the right person will bring the idea of social wealth to totality as you grow your own family one day.

Mental Wealth

Mental wealth involves knowledge, learning, focus, and mental health. Knowledge is power, and the more information that you absorb, the stronger you become. Take time to learn new skills and information. Learning new things can boost your career and equip you for the future. Focus on your goals and the road ahead. Be grateful for your mental capacities and the advantages you have for living in the information age.

Mental wealth is also centered-around taking care of your mindset and mental health. Practice mindfulness, spend time meditating, and start a journal. It’s okay to need some time to decompress occasionally. If you are going through a hard time or need to help, ask for it. Detach yourself from toxic people and toxic environments and simplify your life to find mental clarity. Expanding your knowledge and taking care of your mental health will allow you to be better prepared for the trials of life.

Financial Wealth

Of course, the last type of wealth is financial. This doesn’t involve grand delusions of money, cars, and the fast life, but financial responsibility. Whether you are a cashier or a CEO, being responsible and smart with money is key to success. Many people go broke because they spend their money trying to look rich. You don’t need to make a six figure salary to live a comfortable life.

Open a savings account and save your money. Make wise purchases and avoid wasting money on designer items that serve no purpose. I would infer that many people with $500 wallets don’t actually have that much cash to put in it. Utilize your wealth to make long-term investments. Purchase assets, not expenses. Remember that the greatest investment you can make is in yourself. There are many classes and educational opportunities that can allow you to make more money. Use your wealth to obtain skills, get an education, or acquire different tools that you can use to make your own money. Overall, be grateful for what you have rather than unhappy about what you don’t.

These different types of wealth are all interconnected. Your mental wealth can at times be dependent on your social life. Your financial wealth can be dependent on your physical wealth. Where one may lack, another may serve to support. Find the right balance in life and make the time to address these four sides of your existence. Your life may just depend on it.

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