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Creating and Holding a Vision

by | Nov 19, 2021 | Self-Help

Creating and Holding a Vision

by | Nov 19, 2021 | Self-Help

How do we create and hold a vision? Over the last two weeks, I’ve been thinking much more about the future than I usually do. I would humbly classify myself as a visionary person. Like most of us, I’ve got some big plans of wealth, health, personal freedom, travel, and adventure. I want to get the most out of life, and I’m not the only one. Part of my purpose with this blog is figuring that all out. I mean, isn’t that what everyone is trying to do?

Creating a Vision

Let’s provoke some thought by first asking, what is a vision? For the sake of this discussion, let’s define a vision as a set of ideals imagined for a better future. A vision is basically a set of goals that one desires to achieve. These goals could be financial goals, fitness goals, career goals, lifestyle goals, etc. I’m sure you’ve heard of the practice of writing-down your goals and/or building what they call a “vision board.” That’s exactly what the visionary would want to do. So in order for one to actually create a vision, I suppose one would have to start by defining these goals explicitly.

This gives you a little bit more of a concentrated focus on your goals and overarching vision, rather than just a general idea. After all, when coming up with a vision, would you rather have a ballpark estimate of what you would like to attain, or would you want a very specific set of goals?

Holding a Vision

Creating the vision is only half the battle. Once it’s created, it must become a major focus of your life. It must be more important to you than anything. You’ll want to remind yourself of it constantly. Imagine your vision coming to fruition every day, multiple times a day. Review your list of ideals (your vision) every day, and spend a few moments reflecting on it.

Create your vision such that you cannot forget it. Create your vision such that it is always near the front of your mind. Literally hold on to it. Take action every day to bring yourself at least one step closer to it. It will require persistence and patience. It won’t always be easy, and you may backslide sometimes. As long as you have a picture of what you want out of life and you don’t let go of it, the execution will come naturally.

Make it Happen

This exercise is not for those looking to wake up rich or famous tomorrow. It isn’t likely that you’ll tell yourself today “I want to own a Porsche tomorrow” and wake up the next day with a new car in your garage. That said, it’s highly likely that you could set a goal of owning a Porsche within the next 24 months and actually make it happen if you pour your heart into your vision, so long as that’s a piece of it.

This weekend, reflect on your vision. Write down some ideals you’d like to attain. Then, hold onto that vision. I believe in you and I hope that you make it happen.

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