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Being a Person of Action

by | Oct 30, 2020 | Self-Help

Being a Person of Action

by | Oct 30, 2020 | Self-Help

Every day, we are presented with countless choices. There are simple choices such as selecting an outfit, ordering a meal, or choosing a playlist. Some of these choices matter and some of these choices don’t. Several of these choices may impact how well our day will go, and some of them might even change our lives. Today, think about choosing to be a person of action.

What is person of action?

A person of action is someone that seizes the day and works towards a better tomorrow. A person of action has vision, ambition, persistence, and consistency. This type of person is one that takes life seriously and refuses to let his or her own self get in the way of achievement.

A person of action is someone that takes charge of life.

In 2020 it’s almost rare to find a person of action. There are countless distractions that seem like they were almost designed to keep everyone from chasing their dreams. Instead of going to the gym, it’s so much easier to lay in bed and scroll through Instagram.

Between Twitter, Netflix, and Youtube, the vast majority of people are pacified by the fulfillment of short-term gratification without even realizing what their lives could look like if they took action.

Think about it like this: how would you like your lifestyle to appear when you reflect on it thirty years from now? Did you make a hobby out of laying in bed on your phone, or did you work hard towards long-term goals? If you have children one day, what kind of person would you like be able to tell them you were?

But how does someone take action?

Taking action involves laying plans and developing goals. Taking action involves taking aim at the kind of life you want and following the steps you need follow in order to get there. Build healthy habits, take care of your body, learn new skills, and be smart with your finances.

There is always discomfort associated with growth and development. Turning off your phone and reading a book might be difficult at first. Cutting-out soda and running for 15 minutes a day won’t feel good for a while. The long term results of living life intentionally will always pay off in the long run.

The best way to become a person of action is to identify goals and come up with a plan.

Set goals.

What are five things that you would like to accomplish in the next six months?

What are three things that you want to make happen in the next two years?

What is the one goal you want to reach in the next five years?

Think about these goals. What will they require? You might have to do things that are difficult, uncomfortable, or even painful. What you have to understand is that there isn’t much you can attain without a considerable amount of sacrifice.

Meditate deeply on the things you want out of life. Ask yourself what you need to do to get them. Then, get up and get to work. Stop waiting to be ready. Stop waiting for the right moment. The best time to get started was yesterday.

Be a person of action.

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